Medical reports

We can provide various types of report on request – for example, life and travel insurance; DVLA; benefits; housing; and occupational. We can only provide reports within the area of expertise of our GPs. We are unable to give you more specialised information on your health.

If you are unsure about whether we can provide the kind of report you need please contact us.

In-person medical assessments

Some reports require a face-to-face medical assessment. These take longer than completing a paper report, the fee is higher. These types of reports may include taxi licensing; and adoption medicals. These assessments can only be carried out in specified appointment slots. They cannot form part of a routine GP appointment.

Fees for Private Letters

We can provide a number reports or letters outside our core NHS work. Below is a list of the fees we charge for this service. All fees include VAT, where appropriate.

Please see fees below

Fees as from 1st July 2023



Private Letter 


Travel Cancellation Form 


Licence Health Report 


Occupational Health Report 


Medicals excluding HGV/LGV