Listening to patients – Working with patients – Making improvements

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) is a group of patients who are registered at our surgery and want to help it work as well as it can for the benefit of patients, staff and GP’s. By being part of this group you can offer a patient perspective on the service we provide and advise us on different options for change.  If you have any free time and would to join us please email:


The Practice uses many methods to engage with patients so that they can be involved in shaping how their healthcare is organised at the Practice.


Our Face to Face Patient Group meets periodically to discuss various issues.


Surgery Attendees – Surveys

Patients attending the surgery have been and will continue to be surveyed as to their views. The questions we ask often come from our face to face group  who are always looking too make sure they represent patient’s views.

Postal Surveys

Postal surveys are a way that we can find out the views of patients who are house-bound or who have not needed to visit the surgery.

On-line Surveys

Our surgery and postal surveys are also available on-line on the Feedback page of this website


The Marfleet Group Practice face to face patient group has been active for some years. In addition to providing valuable input to practice decisions, it has raised funds for equipment that has been of benefit to patients.

The expansion of our patient group has become a desired objective so that we can have a wider representation across our geographic area and a broader appeal through the age groups.

Better Communications

We also want to significantly help the group towards its objective of improving the two-way communications between themselves and the practice patients.

This is in addition to all the other ways in which the Practice wants to employ  to ensure it hears all sections of the patient population.

Real Improvements

The objective of the greater involvement of patients is to develop services that they feel are necessary and to make choices that are right for local people.

Improving two-way communications is also extremely valuable in enabling all parties to understand the issues and challenges that face us.

Improvement in many areas is genuinely a two-way process and we hope that this partnership with patients will continue to deliver significant improvements in the future.


See the latest articles in the Marfleet Group Practice News section of this website for the next meeting dates.

Please contact us at the email below to submit your agenda item for the next meeting of our Patient Group.

  • Contact: Practice Lead: Karen Tandey