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One-off prescriptions which are not regularly repeated are known as ‘acute’ prescriptions.

You can ask your chosen pharmacist for advice on minor ailments and if it is appropriate you may be able to buy medicines over the counter without having to see the doctor. NHS 111 is available 24/7 to give health advice by telephone or on-line.

If you feel it is more appropriate to see the doctor, nurse practitioner or if the pharmacist advices you to make a GP appointment, your doctor may prescribe, refer you to another health care professional – or may decide to offer no prescription at all.

If you are sure that your medical problem is minor, it may  the doctor may issue a prescription following a telephone request to our receptionist. In certain circumstances, the doctor may telephone you for more information or invite you to attend the surgery for assessment,

If you telephone the surgery for an acute prescription our reception staff will need to know:

  • WHO is the prescription for (name, address,date of birth, phone number)?
  • WHAT are the symptoms?
  • HOW LONG have the symptoms been present?
  • ALLERGIES Is the patient allergic to any medications?
  • MEDICATIONS Is the patient already taking any medication including homeopathic medication, or over the counter items?


You may order your acute medication by telephoning before 11am.

Acute prescriptions are always issued at the discretion of the doctor.


The doctor may decide not to issue a prescription if he feels this is not required Over the counter medication may be cheaper. Advice or alternative treatment may also be recommended.



In Person at Reception.
You can order your repeat prescription from our reception desk, the receptionist can print you a backing slip if necessary.

By Post Using the Repeat Counterfoil
By using the tear-off slip from your previous prescription, simply tick the items you again require. Allow 5 working days from sending. We cannot be responsible for any delay in requests reaching us. If you wish us to post the prescription back to you, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

By Telephone
We no longer accept repeat prescriptions requests over the telephone UNLESS in exceptional circumstances. Any repeat prescriptions ordered over the telephone will be normally be ready after 4.30pm two days after the request is made.

Once you have registered with the practice for online access and been issued with username and password, you will have the option of ordering your repeat prescription on-line. Simple click the systmonline logo below:

Long-Term Repeat Prescription
If you are on regular medication that does not vary, you may be eligible to have a long term prescription issued. This means that you will not have to make repeated requests to the practice in the period for which the repeats are valid.

Prescription Prepayment Certificates
If you have to pay for regular prescription items. It may be cheaper to buy a Prescription Prepayment Certificate.
Click below get full information from the NHS Business Services Authority.

Prescription Prepayment Certificates


It is wise to have your medication reviewed periodically. The doctor will need to check that it is still needed or if a change may be advisable. You can also discuss medications with your pharmacist. You should always read the information leaflets provided with medication and advise your doctor if you experience side-effects.


For self-limiting illness, such as a cold, you can obtain advice and medicines over the counter from you local pharmacist.