The Surgery is an approved training practice for the training of General Practice Registrars (GPRs). Being an approved training practice means that:

  • Patients can help Trainee GPRs learn. This means appointments might be slightly longer.
  • Regular doctors and nurses also learn from student doctors. It helps them stay updated and improve.
  • The training makes sure that everyone follows the rules for good medical care and keeping medical records.
  • It ensures that the practice finds the best doctors to work there.

A GPR is an already qualified doctor who has worked as a trainee doctor in a hospital for at least 2 years that has now decided to specialise in General Practice.

To qualify as a aGP, all doctors have to complete 3 years Postgraduate Specialist Training which includes at least 18 months training in General Practice.

As part of their training, GPRs will often be present in video consultation with the patient and GP. We hope that our patients will be willing to take part in these educational consultations to help us all improve and maintain our medical consultation skills. Any videos recorded are kept private and are only used for teaching purposes. We will not record your consultation without asking for your permission first. If you don’t want to be part of these sessions, please let the receptionist know.